Activities & Outputs

LEVITATE’s aim is to develop a new impact assessment framework to enable policymakers to manage the introduction of connected and automated transport systems, maximise the benefits and generally harness the technology to achieve societal objectives.

LEVITATE is currently building tools to help European cities, regions and national governments prepare for a future with increasing levels of automated vehicles in passenger cars, urban transport services and urban logistics:

  1. Establish a method for assessing the short, medium and long-term impacts of automated vehicles on mobility, safety, environment, society and other areas (multi-disciplinary methodology)
  2. Apply the method to forecast the impact of driverless vehicles in a variety of city environments
  3. Create a back-casting tool to enable authorities to determine which policies and measures to implement to achieve a desired long-term vision
  4. Develop a web-based Policy Support Tool that will make the LEVITATE impact assessment framework user friendly for public authorities and transport planners
  5. Formulate policy recommendations building on the learnings of the impact assessments
  6. Enable structured exchange with stakeholders to have a wider basis for bringing in user requirements and to enable a continuous dialogue on the impact assessment of CATs