Automated urban transport simulation in Athens

The main objective of Work Package 5  of the LEVITATE project is to identify how the introduction of Connected and Automated Systems (CATS) in several urban transport operations will affect different impact areas, with a focus on the transition towards higher levels of automation. This is a process that includes the following main steps:

  • identification of impacts relevant to connected and automated urban transport;
  • identification of urban transport related interventions, through a stakeholder reference group workshop and an extensive literature review;
  • identification of impact assessment methods for the different impacts and interventions;
  • short, medium and long-term impact assessment;
  • synthesis of results and implications for policy.

To read about these steps and results of the traffic simulations in Athens, have a look at our paper written by Julia Roussou (NTUA), Maria Oikonomou (NTUA), Apostolos Ziakopoulos (NTUA), George Yannis (NTUA).

Watch now: Impact assessment of automated vehicles

The LEVITATE and CoEXist projects are developing knowledge and tools to help cities prepare for and steer the introduction of automated vehicles. The webinar, moderated by Suzanne Hoadley, provided insights into the methods developed for assessing the impacts of automated vehicles across a range of mobility domains and the findings from their application in real-life scenarios and using policy options such as parking regulation, road pricing and dedicated AV lanes.

Featured speakers were:

  • Dr. Hitesh Boghani, Senior Research Associate at Transport Safety Research Centre, Loughborough University (representing LEVITATE)
  • Dr. Johan Olstam, Senior Research Leader, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (representing CoEXist)
  • Prof. Andrew Morris, Professor of Human Factors in Transport Safety at Loughborough University (representing LEVITATE)

The webinar, which took place on 15 October, was a Polis initiative in cooperation with LEVITATE and CoEXist.

LEVITATE consortium met in Vienna

AIT and the city of Vienna hosted the latest meeting of the LEVITATE consortium from 26-28 June.
The group evaluated the learning from the recent stakeholder group meeting in Gothenburg ( and took feedback on for the further project development.

Among the topics discussed included to identify impacts of connected and automated vehicles that shall be estimated in LEVITATE’s final too, the policy support tool. The first prototype of the tool will be discussed with representatives of local and regional authorities at a workshop on 26 November in Brussel.

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